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Karou on Leibal, thank you. The New York based blog has evolved into a leading authority on design and is focused on the most recent and minimalist works in regards to furniture, products, interiors,
and architecture.


Craft Week Portugal


Portuguese Makers brings together portuguese and international designers, architects and craftman. The Craft Week takes place in Cascais at Casa de Santa Maria near Lisbon with a series of workshops and lectures by Cécile Mestelan, Jens Fager, Clara von Zweigbergk, Marc Morro, Hugo Passos and Miguel Vieira Baptista. Thank you for the invitation!

Techtextil Tour

Tour at the trade fair Techtextil. Organised by the German Design Council.‘E = ID2‘ Design competence in Hessen, is a series of training courses for network and qualification. For the participants we selected some of the most exciting exhibitors and projects from the industry.


The Input


Thank you for being part of the Design Blog ‘The Input‘. Photo by Thomas Popinger, Styling by Nici Theuerkauf.


Atelier Desk


Atelier Desk is a functional and light table made from ash wood with a large drawer. Quickly and easily assembled. The project is still in development.

Tutti Frutti


Pizzeria Tutti Frutti set up by Khaldoun Dibes. Interieur Design, conception and realisation in cooperation with Khaldoun Dibes, Steffen Eberhardt and Lars Nielbock.

Product Launch Nodus


Kaldo and Mokai tapestries for the italian brand Nodus High Design Rugs. Made from Kvadrat textile and velvet available in two colour combinations.


Scent of a Weaving Milan


‘Scent of a Weaving’ exhibition by Nodus present Kaldo and Mokai tapestries during Milan Design Week in the sixteenth-century monastery Facoltà Teologica dell’Italia Settentrionale. Including projects by Sam Baron, Matali Crasset, Francesco Faccin, Ineke Hans, Sebastian Jansson, Wieki Somers and Studio Job.


Creative Workshop Basel


Industrial Design workshop and Lecture at the Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst Nordwestschweiz in Basel. With Aart van Asseldonk, Federica Capitani and Tom Strala. Photo by Bernard René Gardel.


Shooting Dornbracht


Trace is part of the Dornbracht bathroom shooting. Introducing a new product line under the title ‘Sharpen your senses’. Creative Direction by Meiré and Meiré. Photo by Thomas Popinger.


Product Development Hem


Product development for the swedish brand Hem at their factory workshop in Helsinki.